Festival & Event FAQ's (and Answers)

General Information
We ask that everyone please keep in mind that we are trying to take care of the needs of thousands of people during our events, our rules are designed to accommodate the greater good of the many, over the wants and needs of the few. We have a beautiful facility and offer a variety of activities at our festivals throughout the year including live music, arts and crafts, specialty food like seafood & championship BBQ, a large food court, wine & beer bars, cornhole games and more. We appreciate our customers greatly and want everyone to be able to come out and enjoy the festivals.
Here are answers to some of the most asked questions:
Q. What is your festival pet Policy?
We do not allow pets of any kind in our retail shop, or on our festival grounds during our festivals and events. We love our pets as much as anyone, but due to the large crowds of people and the unpredictable nature of animals, it has proven not to be a good mix.

Service dogs are allowed, we are happy to have them and appreciate their service. As with all animals, you are responsible for the actions and behavior of your service animals while at our facilities, and you must clean up after them when needed.
Q. Do you allow guns or other weapons at your festivals?
Sorry but no, we do not allow guns or weapons of any kind on property during our festivals. This includes those who have the proper concealed carry license.

Active military and law enforcement officers are allowed to bring their licensed weapons. Please be aware that you will be asked by our security staff to produce valid ID that will be validated by the active Sheriff's officer on duty.
Q. Do you allow smoking or vaping at your festivals?
Smoking and vaping are allowed in the designated smoking area(s) only. There is NO SMOKING or VAPING inside any of the buildings, or outside on the grounds during our festivals and events other than in the designated smoking area(s). Vaping is considered smoking for the purpose of all of our notifications whether signage, web text, print or any other media. When we indicate "no smoking" it includes vaping.
Q. Can we set up a tent, canopy, or umbrella?
Sorry, but no. Tents, canopies, and umbrellas can block the view for others in the crowd, and can also become very dangerous in high winds which we frequently get. The vendors that set up tents and canopies on our property adhere to a strict set of rules when doing so.
Q. Can we reserve the winery tables or seating during a festival?
Sorry, but no. We have very limited table space, and the tables are intended for temporary use to eat food purchased during the festivals. No exceptions.
Q. Can we bring our own food to the festival?
Yes you can, but we ask that you limited it to snack or lunch food to enjoy on the festivals grounds. PLEASE, DO NOT rope off or try to secure a large area, set up tables and chairs, put out a full dinner spread, or be overly loud. A little common courtesy goes a long way! Should we receive too many complaints about this issue, we would be forced to stop allowing it.
Q. Can we bring our own alcohol to the festival?
Absolutely not. This is more than a policy for us, it's a law. Our security officers do check all bags and containers upon entry.
Q. Can we plan a birthday party, or other special party during the festival?
Sorry, but no. Please do not plan your special event, during our special event. If you would like to hold a party at our facility, on a non festival day, contact Jose Cabranes for details at [email protected]
Q. Can we reserve parking for our car club?
Sorry, but no. Parking is one of our biggest challenges, we just don't have the space to be able to reserve parking under any circumstances.
Q. Are your events and festivals held rain or shine?
Yes. It's Florida and with outdoor events there is always the posbility of rain. If the event is cancelled due to a huricane or other major strom system we will post notice of that here on our website.
Q. Do you supply chairs for seating on your festival grounds?
We encourage everyone to bring their own lawn chairs for seating on the festival grounds. Picnic blankets can also be great, but please keep in mind it’s Florida and we’ve always got a chance for a rain shower.